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Since 1969 I am living in this house. Reinhilde joined me in 1982 and our three children (Gijs, Joep and Sofie) were born there. Gijs now teaches music and drama in Groningen, and recently became a professional entertainer. In 2011 he won the prestigious  'Leids Cabaret Festival'. Joep is a jazz trumpet player, now living and working in South Korea, but also performing in The Netherlands and many other countries. Sofie runs a very special living-room-restaurant.

photo: Sofie van Rhijn

I was born in 1943 in Deventer, where I finished my secondary education in 1961. Thereupon I moved to Groningen for a study in Biology. In 1969, after successful projects on the behaviour of the ruff (a wader bird) and on the genetics and evolution in Drosophila I got my M.Sc. degree and four years later my Ph.D. on a study of 'Behavioural dimorphism in male ruffs'. Until 1986 I was doing research at the University of Groningen as an associate to the Baerends Chair. Thereafter I worked as an author on a couple of freelance projects: a course for the Dutch Open University (Open Universiteit), a book 'The Ruff', and as the managing editor of the scientific journals 'Ardea' and 'Behaviour'. In the mean time I became more and more involved in writing and teaching for the School of Science of the Open Universiteit and gradually finished my freelance activities  By the end of 2008 I retired. Two years later my book 'Hoe rekbaar is onze planeet?' (How extensible is our planet?) was published and in spring 2013 my next book 'Darwins Dating Show'  (in Dutch). Currently, I am actively involved in ecological research again.

I still feel as a genuine biologist and - especially during the summer - also as a crofter or small farmer. During the winter period I proceed as an author and from time to time I give a lecture for all kinds of audiences.

Last, but not least, Reinhilde and I have four grandchildren (up to now). Quite often we even watch some of these kids for a couple of days (and really enjoy that). 


contact via e-mail: johan-van-rhijn@wxs.nl


background picture: crane at an historic fašade in the Noordenbergstraat, Deventer, The Netherlands