chemical lectures

engraving by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)

I like to talk for small and large groups about themes that are related to my books. I need a projector for computer presentations. A laptop is helpful, but not really needed. I could take my own. I hope to meet an interested audience. It is pleasant if people are listening, but even more pleasant if some kind of interaction develops with questions and reactions during and after the presentation.

Usually I do not ask a fee for a lecture at non commercial institutions such as schools, except for the expenses for travelling. This also applies for activities aimed to promote one or more of my books.

Besides, I ask a modest fee for lectures at commercial institutions (business, companies, organizations). For workshops the amount depends on the duration and preparation that is needed. The hight of the fee is determined in concert.

If you wish to catch me for a lecture or other activity, you should contact me as early as possible by e-mail: . Please, mention the kind of activity, place, date, duration, subject and special wishes. Within a few days I will respond.


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