great crested grebes

photo: Ken Billington


Currently, I am especially interested in the themes of my last book: sexual selection, mate choice and the evolution of parental care. I am prepared to tell quite a lot about this. The leads are played by ruffs and black-headed gulls. Besides, some attention can be given to the people that came with the ideas, such as Charles Darwin, Edmund Selous, Frederick Kikman and their followers. In addition, human beings are - just as other animals - also shaped by sexual selection in the course of evolution. I like to emphasize that.

a bar at the Folies-Bergère and woman with an hourglass figure

painting from 1881-1882 by Édouard Manet (1832–1883)


I also want to talk about the themes of the book 'Hoe rekbaar is onze planeet?'(How extensible is our planet?), such as growth of the human population, ecological carrying capacity, biodiversity and 'sustainable development'. Cycles of matter through ecosystems should play a vital role, but they are heavily disturbed, not in the last place by our unsatiable need for energy. Climate change is related, but not a prime cause of disaster. Yet, I do not like worst case scenarios. I want to point out that there are ways out towards stability. However, some real effort should be made for this.

For those who like it, I also want to talk on the research I did, especially on ruffs. My knowledge on that topic has been brought up to date again. As long as it does not start to become boring, I am available for talks or lectures.



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