'Waddenweek' Open Universiteit, Groningen, 1996

photo: Jeanne van Amesfoort

Above all, I am a biologist. I mainly acted as an investigator up to 1986, as a behavioural biologist or ethologist, as a specialist. Thereafter I focussed on writing course materials for the Open Universiteit and on coaching students as a teacher. That work was done in a department with teachers and investigators who had widely diverging professional interests. Together we had to design, to compose, to work out, and to maintain an academic program on environmental sciences. Together we had to assist students during all phases of their study. In this new role I continued to act from a biological perspective, but more and more as a generalist. My students graduated on highly differing projects, such as the effects of heavy metals on protozoa or on shrews, management of nature, landscape or river basins, bio-fuels, biodiversity, and even the impact of highway run-off on aquatic communities.

In the mean time, I retired, but still I am a biologist as:

author of popular science books

source of information/contributor/volunteer, including at Klokhuis Vragendag (NEMO, Amsterdam), De Jonge Onderzoekers (Groningen)


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