at Johan van Rhijn's


Since 1969 this is my home base, to sleep, to eat, to make love, to create a big garden, to take care for animals, and, later, also to work. 

I was born in 1943, became a biologist, worked up to 1986 mainly as an investigator of animal behaviour at the University of Groningen. Thereafter I developed courses and advised students for the Open University of the Netherlands. Besides I acted as the coordinating editor for two scientific journals. After my retirement in 2008 I continued to write: a couple of papers in international journals and five books in Dutch. Two of them  'Planet's borders' (2010) and 'Darwins Dating Show' (2013) attempt to make the work I did as a biologist accessible to a broader public. The third 'Mother's father' (2017) was written because nobody of my family could tell any details about the short life of a remarkable grandfather. The fourth 'Fraud in science' (2019) is a novel on international collaboration between universities, fraud and plagiarism, but without any murder. Finally, 'Enne Jans Heerd' (2019) is the story of and monumental farm built on a very old almost undamaged terp.



contact via e-mail: johan-van-rhijn@wxs.nl


background picture: crane at an historic fašade in the Noordenbergstraat, Deventer, The Netherlands