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Two new books by Johan van Rhijn in 2019

Within three months my two most recent books were published (both in Dutch): 'de Enne Jans Heerd op Maarhuizen' en 'Geleerd bedrog' (in the mean time also as e-book)!! 


The first copy of 'de Enne Jans Heerd op Maarhuizen' has been offered at 17 May 2019 to the 88 years old Duurt de Vries, the last farmer. 

The Enne Jans Heerd is a monumental farm on top of the very old terp of Maarhuizen with an old cemetery in its front garden. It is owned by the Dutch company for nature management Staatsbosbeheer. My son and daughter in law are living at the farm with their young children. They intend to organize activities for visitors to experience culture and nature at that location.

Part of a painting by Johan Dijkstra from 1962

The book is illustratred with splendid photos by Harry Cock. The cover is based on a painting of the farm from 1962 by Johan Dijkstra, one of the Dutch 'De Ploeg' painters. Theo Spek, professor of landscape history provided a foreword. Designer Maartje ter Veen (Studio MARCHA!) made a real piece of art of this book. The book is sold at the farm for 20.50 (or by by sending an email with your name and adress to ) and also via webshops. 

Photo: Harry Cock


'Geleerd bedrog' was published by the end of February 2019. It is a novel (my first) with satirical and thriller-like elements on a subtle case of fraud in science.

The book is sold for 20.00 in webshops like It takes a couple of days before you receive it because each copy is printed sepately. From the middle of November 2019 on, the book will also be available for 3.50 as e-book at and other webshops.



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