photo: Open Universiteit, Heerlen

It was a big surprise, as appears from the picture. In December 2007, one year before I retired, I was elected as the 'teacher of the year' at the Open Universiteit. It was the first time this credit was given. I was speechless with amazement. It was a reward for a wide variety of activities.

In addition, I participated in the development of two educational tools that became awarded. The first was for a virtual practical on animal behaviour (conceptualized and developed by Willy Hols-Elders, Johan van Rhijn, Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga, Paul Kischner & Willibrord Huisman), a program that was stored on one of the precursors of our current DVD: huge laser disks with a diameter of thirty centimetres. They had to be played back with a computer and by means of the key board students could record their observations. I was responsible for the content of the program. In 1988 this interactive video program got the Sony Interactive Video Award. The second was for an internet game on the metabolism of plants and animals (conceptualized and developed by Thijs Lopes Cardozo, Rietje van Dam-Mieras, Jeroen Berkhout, Ton Huynen, Rinus van Herpen, Johan van Rhijn & Caspaar Bijleveld). It was focussed on the build-up and break-down of organic molecules. I made a number of texts with the scientific backgrounds. This 'Metabolaspel' got the 'Multimedia course Award for OpenCourseWare Excellence 2011' from the Open Courseware Consortium in Boston.


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