In 1993 we bought a three years old fjorden mare, Katja. The horse was instructed to bear a rider and to draw a carriage. We found an old farm cart. I made a driving box and seats that could be transformed to a bed, an friend made iron arches over the cart between the two sides and a sail-maker sewed the most expensive part, the canvas hood. In 1994 we spent the holiday by wandering around with horse and cart. This appeared to be so successful that it had to be repeated, initially for all of us, then for a smaller group. Quite often, Katja's companion, a somewhat nervous Welsh mare, joined the party. The first time, she was used as a riding horse for the children. Thereafter, she drew a smaller cart with one or two children. That small carriage tagged after the larger one.

In the mean time the old cart has been sold. Katja survived up to a considerable horse-age: twenty-eight years! She died on the day after we celebrated Sinterklaas. All our children and grandchildren witnessed this sad event.


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