The Ruff

In 1987 I was asked by Andrew Richford, representing publisher T & AD Poyser, to write a monograph on ruffs. This was just in the time I had decided to become a self-employed biologist. So, the offer was welcome. Moreover, I was happy to do the job. There was some correspondence on the conditions, and as soon as my fist extensive assignment for the Dutch Open University was ready, I could start with the book. By the beginning of 1991 the book 'The Ruff. Individuality in a gregarious wading bird' appeared. The responses were mainly positive. After a number of years, the first edition became sold out, but the book was not reprinted. It could be obtained second hand, but the prices rose to above the original price of a new book.

In 2010 the owner of Poyser at that time,
Bloomsbury, published the book again, without any changes as an e-book. In the mean time it is also available as a photographic reprint in a 'printing on demand' version.
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