• De Enne Jans Heerd op Maarhuizen (the story of a monumental farm in the province Groningen), Brave New Books, 100 pp (2019).
  • Geleerd bedrog (a novel on a scientific breakthrough, but a fraudulent one). Brave New Books, 224 pp (2019).
  • Moeders vader (the almost forgotten son of a famous schoolteacher). Uitgeverij Fagus, IJzerlo, 180 pp (2017).
  • Darwins Dating Show (which partner do you select and who is taking care for the kids?) Veen Media, Diemen, 228 pp (2013).
  • Hoe rekbaar is onze planeet? (facts and fiction on ecological carrying capacity). Veen Magazines, Diemen, 255 pp (2010).
  • The Ruff: individuality in a gregarious wading bird. T.& A.D. Poyser, London, 209 pp (1991).
with Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga:
  • Mensen in hun oecosystemen (humans and their ecosystems). Wolters-Noordhoff/Open Universiteit, 117 pp (1990).
  • Ethologie: Veroorzaking, ontwikkeling, functie en evolutie van gedrag (ethology: causation, development, function and evolution of behaviour). Wolters-Noordhoff/Open Universiteit, 425 pp (1989).
courses for the Open Universiteit Nederland:
Gedragsbiologie (behavioural biology) (2005) pdf course book
Evolutie (evolution) (2009)
Fysiologie (physiology) (2009)
and substantial contributions to seven other courses

main research papers:
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