a monumental farm

My son Gijs and daughter in law Mayke Zandstra want to give a second life to this historical farm. For more information visit: ennejansheerd.nl .

The Enne Jans Heerd is a monumental farm on top of the very old terp of Maarhuizen with an old churchyard in its front garden. It is owned by the Dutch company for nature management Staatsbosbeheer. Gijs and Mayke are living at the farm with their young children. They intend to organize activities for visitors to experience culture and nature at that location. The book contains centuries-old and new stories on the farm, its inhabitants, the churchyard, the terp and the hamlet.

The book is illustratred with splendid photos by Harry Cock and two drone photos by Mark Schuurman. The cover is based on a painting of the farm from 1962 by Johan Dijkstra, one of the Dutch 'De Ploeg' painters. Theo Spek, professor of landscape history provided a foreword. Designer Maartje ter Veen (Studio MARCHA!) made a real piece of art of this book.

On May 17th 2019, the first copy of the book was offered to the last farmer, Duurt de Vries, then 88 years old.

It can be sold (1) at the farm, (2) by sending an email with your name and adress to
hallo@ennejansheerd.nl or (3) via webshops. For more information visit: ennejansheerd.nl .

'De Enne Jans Heerd op Maarhuizen' (100 pages in colour, 135×215 mm, € 20,50, ISBN: 9789402191714) published by Brave New Books.

After the book was published, Wilfried de Bruin, a former neighbour, showed us a set of interesting aereal photos. The eldest one is made in the summer of 1933, and shows how part of the terp was excavated. Details are in a pdf file as a supplement to the book.
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Churchyard with the famhouse in the background - photo: Harry Cock.

Maarhuizen in the topographic map from 1925 - CC-BY Kadaster 2015.

The Enne Jans Heerd on top of the terp - photo: Harry Cock.

Entrance of the front house - photo: Harry Cock.

The first copy is offered to Duurt de Vries.